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More about our services

At Hammond Park Family Practice we provide a range of services to our patients, including:

Skin Cancer Checks

If you notice a concerning mole or to have a general check, book an appointment with our GP for your regular skin check


Skin Cancer Removal



Women’s Health

Hammond Park Family Practice provide primary care for women. We are lucky to have doctors skilled at the practice on family planning, sexual health, menstrual and menopause issues, we offer care during pregnancy and can carry out your routine cervical screening.

We are able to offer our female patients the full range of contraceptive options including contraceptive implant, intrauterine devices, contraceptive injections and full range of contraceptive pills. If you are keen to discuss the available options to you, please book an appointment to see one of our doctors.


Men’s Health

Our doctor is able to provide care for specific issues for men from fertility issues, mental health issues, erectile dysfunction and prostate concerns.


Children’s Health

All the doctors at Hammond Park Family Practice provide child health services and work with their young patients and their families to provide and safe and calm environment.  Some children may have a natural apprehension about a visit to the doctor, especially when are not feeling to well.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking preventative steps to identify risks early is important. Give your children a healthy start today by talking to one our friendly GP’s about any concerns you may have.  Hammond Park Family Practice can also offer: –

6-8 weeks’ baby checks

Child immunisation including meningococcal B protection

Growth and developments checks

Chronic disease management

Referrals to if needing to a paediatrician


Chronic Disease Management

Long term conditions require regular monitoring and assessment.  Make an appointment with our GP’s and friendly Nurse to ensure you are receiving optimal treatment and care. For things such as High blood pressure, Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Asthma, Heart Disease.

In addition to managing your medications, blood tests, prescriptions we can co-ordinate a team care plan if applicable, to ensure all the relevant specialists are allied health team are involved in your care.


Mental Health

If you are experiencing or having difficulties with your Mental Health that is impacting your daily life, make an appointment to see your GP to discuss options that are available to you.


Iron Infusions

For when iron deficiency has been diagnosed oral iron in the form of tablets or even liquids are trialled firstly.  In cases where there has been no improvement on your iron levels, the GP’s at the practice can provide Iron Infusions for those patients (private fee). To check you Iron levels book an appointment to arrange to have blood, if you are experiencing tiredness regularly come and make appointment with the GP’s.


Mirena Insert and Removal






Pre-employment & Driving Medicals (private fee)

Pre-employment medicals identify if a person is medically suitable to work in a role for which they are applying for.  These assessments do vary depending on the requirements from the employer and medical history of the patient – for this medical there is an out of pocket fee, please ask our friendly receptionists for more information.

Driving Medical for commercial or standard license for new one or renewal book in with our GP and Nurse – Medicare does not cover these medicals, therefore a fee will be charges and payment is to be made on the day of your visit, please ask our friendly receptionist for more information. Please bring any information which may be relevant and completed paperwork to this appointment.


Antenatal & Postnatal Care

Have one of our experienced team support you along your journey through your pregnancy and into parenthood.  From your first visit through to your 6 weeks’ check-up and beyond the doctors are here to provide information and regular visits as and when needed. The doctors are also able to provide support with sleep and feeding concerns in the neonatal period onwards.

For many women who are experiencing mental health issues during this time, don’t despair please come in to discuss these with our team of doctors.


Please note
that there will be a price increase as of the 01.08.2023