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Can visit Harvest Lakes Medical Centre if we are unable to accommodate
WALK IN APPOINTMENTS Patient will be seen ONLY for Medical Emergencies.

Open 7 Days a week

Chronic illness treatment; some examples for chronic illnesses which we manage is hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesteremia, COPD and asthma.

Organising your management plan and team care plan.

Skin Cancer Check/Skin cancer surgery (with regular check and keeping a photo of your skin lesions so we can follow up regularly and notice any early changes)
Immunisations (children and adults and children health assessment)

Cosmetics and anti-aging treatment (anti-aging treatment, wrinkle treatment that includes filler and botulin toxins)

Women’s health

Pre-employment medical examination and driving license medical examination.




Pathology collection centre


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SmartVax Vaccination Monitoring now at Hammond Park Family Practice.

Immunisations save millions of lives each year. When vaccinating your children or yourself it is natural to wonder about possible side effects. Serious adverse events are rare, but a small number of people experience side effects such as a low grade fever, pain or redness at the injection site. To help with monitoring such events Hammond Park Family Practice is now using SmartVax.
SmartVax is a program that sends a text message to patients to see if they experienced any reactions following an immunisation.

Anyone who responds that they experienced a reaction will be sent an SMS link to a 1 minute online survey that requests further detail about their reaction. Your vaccine provider at Hammond Park Family Practice is notified of any reactions you report, and information about suspected adverse events may be shared with public health authorities who use this information for monitoring vaccine safety.

For more information and some screen shots of the messages and survey, go to the SmartVax website.
We care for our patients with real-time vaccine safety monitoring
Our partner is Jupiter Health and Medical Services:
Jupiter Health and Medical Service committed to supply health services to rural and country places where the need of doctors is desperate. We supply international medical graduate doctors    to help in the rural practices under supervision of our rural experienced doctors.
We have lots of support for our doctors and for the people in the rural area.

Telephone: (08) 9414 3015

Monday to Friday  8.30AM-6PM       Saturday-Sunday: 9:00AM - 2:00PM
Public Holiday:(normally 9AM-2PM) depending on Dr availability

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